Easily Build Quick & Secure REST APIs

Connect Your IBM i Applications with the World

MDRest4i enables IBM i programmers to build REST APIs and consumers using only RPG and SQL RPG ILE.  As an IBM i application expert, you can enforce your business rules without having to rely on middleware, code abstractions, or connectivity drivers.  Quickly and easily build any kind of integration with your IBM i applications.

Employing an RPG ILE framework for IBM i environments, MDRest4i hides code complexities while standardizing flow where possible. MDRest4i’s performance-optimized code structure for parsing and translations means lightning quick response times.

The tool suite comprises an RPGLE development framework, a software development kit, and an API documentation portal. In addition, Midrange Dynamics clients can use MDChange to track and deploy their MDRest4i APIs.



MDRest4i SDK automates the generation of API and Consumer templates in RPGLE code from multiple requirement specification sources.





Add RPGLE business logic to layered architecture for low code maintenance without limiting flexibility.

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MDRest4i Documenter wizards build OpenAPI specs, which you can edit. Export them to API Developer Portal and Atlassian Confluence Spaces.

Layered Architecture

  • MDRest4i layered RPGLE architecture stores reusable complex logic in copybooks.  Developers only use RPGLE and SQL for business logic supporting input/output of mission critical data.
  • Call to or integrate with existing programs, procedures, stored procedures, or service programs using standard RPGLE.

MDRest4i SDK

Automation accelerates constant change

  • Import OpenAPI partner specifications
  • Generate from minimal content
  • Wrapper existing programs/procedures
  • Any complexity or size
  • Generate formal OpenAPI specifications
  • Create/host structured user documentation
  • DevOps integration 
MDRest4i SDK diagram

Generate APIs Directly from Your Requirement Specs

  • MDRest4i SDK imports sample JSON, predefined OpenAPI (Swagger) Specifications, or DB2 Table/PF Objects.
  • Generate ready-to-code structured templates for REST API or client programs.
  • Handles large, complex JSON payloads, oneOf/anyOf schema constructs.
  • Automatically generate schema discriminator condition logic in RPGLE.
  • Start coding business logic in a few seconds.

Rich API Documentation & Developer Portal

MDRest4i SDK uses wizards and simple forms to help you build OpenAPI (formerly known as Swagger) specifications. Use these to generate RPGLE code and export them to the built-in Developer Portal for API documents, MDRest4i, or Atlassian Confluence Spaces.

MDRest4i SDK Console example