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Our Favorite IBM i Education

Enjoy some of the favorite go-to resources of the MDNA team. These are the places we go to find information on the latest and greatest advancements on the IBM i platform. 

iSee Video Blog

iSee Video Blog

IBM architects, Tim Rowe and Scott Forstie team up to give short demonstrations of tools, techniques and examples (including working SQL examples!!) to help you solve real problems that are part of your everyday work. 

Join host Peg Tuttle as she sits down with IBM i users and professionals to chat about your favorite IT system. Hear from innovators, thought leaders, and everyday users about how they run the i in their shops and what this powerful platform has allowed them to accomplish in their businesses.

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Dawn May

Dawn May’s i Can Blog

Dawn May is a leading authority on work management, systems management, and performance. The “i Can” blog covers hundreds of topics within these IT areas, so check it out and learn from a pro.

Steve Will, IBM

Steve Will’s Blog

Steve Will is the Chief Architect for the IBM i operating system. He has a regular blog post in which he shares the inside scoop on the last information on IBM i. 

Scott Klement

Scott’s Corner Blog

Scott Klement is a Development and Solutions Architect for Midrange Dynamics. He is an IT professional with a passion for both programming and mentoring. Check out his coding insights and tips on Scott’s Corner.

IBM i News Sources

User Group Resources

COMMON is the world’s largest association of IT professionals that focus on IBM and related technologies. For more than 60 years, we have been serving our community of users, partners, and IBM through leadership, independent education, certification, networking and our advocacy efforts. 

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New to IBM i is on a mission to help new IBM i professionals navigate their way through learning and optimizing the platform. By providing advocacy, community, and education during their formative years, N2i hopes to support the IBM i community, build skills and confidence, and fuel fresh careers.

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Local User Groups

Get involved with a user group in your area to network and learn with local IBM i professionals. Found throughout the USA and Canada, these groups provide vital networking and educational opportunities on a local level. 

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