Essential Change Management for IBM i

Unite Your Teams and Deliver Quality Software.

Developers Can Innovate and Everyone Can Participate

Good IBM i change management software provides a centralized approach to software updates, empowering developers to create innovative applications that move businesses forward.

An essential element of your DevOps strategy, change management automates communication, collaboration, integrated software development, and release processes. This means managers, operations teams, and auditors have the visibility they need, and developers can focus on what they like best: building great applications.

MDChange unites IBM i development teams with those on other platforms so projects move smoothly through development to production in a safe, cost-effective, and risk-free way.

MDChange enables you to make application updates faster and with greater flexibility.  Work in any IDE, including VS Code, quickly identify what needs to be changed,  move changes through the QA process, and deploy IBM i development, Java, PHP, and other programs in the same promotion request to the IFS or to other servers.

Support the Role of IBM i in the Enterprise

With MDChange, you have much better visibility and control, giving your IT team a whole new level of communication as they work together on projects.

Whether you are embarking on enabling a CI/CD pipeline or have decided to use a new request management tool to support DevOps, Midrange Dynamics offers interfaces that enable you to link your IBM i development effort with the enterprise. Use your favorite build tools, source repositories, ticketing and help desk solutions, and more. Our ever-growing list of supported tools includes:

      • Azure DevOps
      • Bamboo
      • Jenkins
      • Jira
      • Git (such as Bitbucket, GitHub GitLab)
      • Gitlab Pipeline
      • ServiceNow
      • SonarQube

Midrange Dynamics users appreciate the built-in field-level cross referencing and the powerful, in-depth SQL functionality that come with MDChange.

Keep your Business Safe

Developing and updating software applications without change management in place can be disastrous for your organization. MDChange protects you and your business with a repeatable and auditable process plus powerful automated rollback. If any issues occur, MDChange rolls back to the previous version and provides you with a log detailing the source of the problem. This allows you to make changes without risking downtime and also helps prevent corruption or loss of data.

Take the Pain Out of Audits and Reduce Risk

Coding issues are not the only problem that you might face while updating your applications. If you fail to comply with required industry or organizational processes or document software changes appropriately, your company might face some hefty financial penalties as well as a damaged reputation.

MDChange takes that load off your shoulders and brings a genuine smile to your auditor’s face with its automated reporting. You can customize reports according to the needs of your business stakeholders and auditors. Reports are generated in the background as you focus on developing outstanding applications.

Make Change Cost Effective

Investing in change management software is a cost-effective way to maximize the productivity of your development team. Our affordable software is designed to improve productivity, increase collaboration, and streamline processes. By implementing change management, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions, reduce errors, and speed up your operations. In the long run, this will translate into significant savings and increased revenue for your business. With our software, you’ll be able to drive positive change without breaking the bank.

Are you ready to implement a modern, powerful change management tool that will empower you to make updates in a safe and risk-free way?