Accelerate IBM i Data Transformation

Accelerate Data Transformation and Automate Test Data Refreshes

Complex SQL syntax and conversion programs can become a thing of the past with MDTransform. This handy tool helps you quickly map and manage database file changes, and it even generates SQL scripts. You are only limited by what SQL can do.

Automate IBM i Database Modernization and Field Expansion

Using MDTransform, you can confidently automate managing field expansions, initializing new fields, merging fields, and managing deployment of DDS to DDL conversions. It also handles field-type changes with ease.

MDTransform guides you through the steps to easily add and populate new fields or update field content. Behind the scenes, it builds and executes a dynamic SQL insert to populate the new version of the file.

Data transformation results are validated during the compile phase to avoid surprises during installation. You can view, customize, and validate conversion results when transformation occurs.

Build and Refresh Test Data Automatically

Providing reliable test data is critical for any test plan. MDTransform uses Data Copy Templates to identify selection criteria for building and maintaining test data. Select which files, and which records in the file, you need.

Development and QA teams can quickly refresh data whether it resides on the same or different partitions. Templates may be saved, copied, and reused, and data transfer can occur dynamically or be scheduled for periodic refreshes. MDTransform can even initiate column-specific masking of confidential data.