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POWERUP 2024 There was plenty of great education, connection, fun and good food at POWERUP 2024 in Fort Worth, TX. We hope you enjoyed the week, we certainly did! Check out our robot, run by MDRest4i! It was designed by Scott Klement and his son, Alex NEUGC 2024 We learned

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8.6 Enhancements you will love! Service Program Dependencies

8.6 Enhancements you will love! Service Program Dependencies Customers with service programs may decide to upgrade for this feature alone. In Version 8.6, MDXREF is even smarter, thanks to a new dependency enhancement. The pre-submit warning for missing dependencies now ignores modules, programs, and services. Programs will only be listed

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Upcoming Enterprise DevOps Session

Scaling DevOps Practices for IBM iHow to Overcome Performance & Integration Challenges in Enterprise DevOps May 14, 2024  |  1-2:15 p.m. ET |  FREE Register Now In the next session of our “DevOps in the Real World” webcast series, we focus on the unique challenges of enterprise-level IT organizations that

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Retrieving a Display Session’s IP Address

Dumb Joke of the Month My landlord called, said he wanted to discuss why my heating bills were so high. I said “Sure!  My door is always open.” Retrieving a Display Session’s IP Address This is a question that comes up quite frequently. It’s often useful for a program running on

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Even More Troubleshooting Help in MDChange Version 8.6

Once again, the developers at MD have made life a little easier. “Pre-submit” warning logs are now captured in the RFP (request for promotion) deployment log to assist with troubleshooting. When submitting an RFP, you will continue to receive a pop-up window that shows you warning messages. The difference is

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