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You Should Use Environment Variables

Deep thought: Computers and AI will never be able to replace human programmers until they learn to laugh at the boss’s bad jokes. You Should Use Environment Variables I’ve noticed that not too many traditional IBM i programmers are using environment variables.  I’ve been wondering why because I find them

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Spring 2023 Enhancements to SELECT/WHEN

Joke of the month: Crow: Excuse me, ma’am, would you like to donate to my charity? Woman: Maybe, what is it called? Crow: CAW! CAW! CAW! CAW! Woman: I don’t understand! Crow: It’s four good caws! Spring 2023 Enhancements to SELECT/WHEN The RPG SELECT/WHEN statements have been enhanced to allow

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Database Reorgs With Minimal Downtime

Database Reorgs with Minimal Downtime for SAP on IBM i Clients A subscription edition of MDRapid, Midrange Dynamics database management, is available to all IBM i businesses that have large files and need to restrict downtime to a matter of minutes while database updates are taking place. “We were approached

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New to 8.5

Ever needed to retrieve source to modify a table, index, or SQL Proc? Now you can have MDChange do the work for you.  Need to convert a PF to an SQL Table, let MDChange help with that. MDChange reads the DDS and generates the DDL for you. Simply specify on the source

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%PASSED and %OMITTED Built-in Functions

Joke of the Month A woman walks into a bar with a lizard on her shoulder, has a seat at a table and waits patiently for the waiter.  When the waiter arrives, he says “Welcome!  What an interesting pet!  What is his name?”  The woman responds “Tiny.”  The waiter, surprised,

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CL Programming Language Built-In Functions

Are you taking advantage of the built-in functions offered in the CL programming language? I was helping a colleague write a CL program recently, and I discovered that he didn’t know about all of the amazing functions IBM has added to CL over the past few years!

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