Success Stories

Incredible Stories From Incredible IBM i Customers.

Our customers do innovative things on the IBM i and we are so excited to partner with them to help support their business innovation and growth. Hear straight from our customers about their experiences with our products and the positive changes it brought to their IT processes.

Power To The Pen & IBM i - A Pilot Pen Success Story

“Several weeks after the transition to MDChange, our Midrange Dynamics rep contacted me a little surprised that neither she nor her support team had heard anything from us since the install. I told her I simply had no reason to call as everything was running fine. My developers and I were doing everything we needed to do without any issues whatsoever.”

Bobby Morgan IT Development Manager, Pilot Pen

Ward Transport & Logistics Gains a Competitive Edge With MDRest4i

“[MDRest 4i] automatically produces around 80 percent of the RPG program that’s needed to perform all of the rudimentary tasks of creating the request program. This is remarkable.… No other software vendor we evaluated had functionality that was anything close.”

Ray Taylor, Technology Manager, Ward Transport & Logistics

At AMPORTS Change Management & Best Practices Drive IT Success

“I was particularly impressed with their willingness to show us change management best practices and help us optimize our development processes. It was clear that through years of working with so many different companies, Midrange Dynamics has really honed these best practices, and they are very willing to share that extensive knowledge with customers.”

Gordon Leary, Director of IT, AMPORTS Inc.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Modernizes IBM i Software Development

“It was clear that MDChange would get our change management processes back on track. Plus, it would give us the needed capabilities to start moving toward DevOps and concurrent-development practices.”

David Jones, IBM i Solutions Engineer, Liberty Mutual Insurance

Auto Auction Industry Innovator Transforms Software Distribution

“With MDChange we are now able to define our software deployment processes
exactly to our specifications and create automated deployment systems that
eliminate the chance for human error…

“…the best thing about finding Midrange Dynamics and MDChange is I got a big part
of my weekends back!”

Kelly Miller, Application Developer, Edge ASI

Beverage Industry Applications Developer Reaps Dividends After Replacing Legacy Change Management

“On all fronts, working with Midrange Dynamics has been a refreshing change from our previous CMS vendor. We couldn’t be happier about our decision.”

Brian Garland, Lead Software Developer and Source Control Administrator for VIP

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