Supporting Your IBM i Goals

The way we help you put IT together sets us apart.

Each customer comes to us with their own unique IBM i environment and goals. Our implementation specialists work hand in hand with your team members to create the optimal software development flow to achieve your objectives. Here are the top 5 requests we receive from our clients. 

Deliver DevOps on IBM i

Introducing a DevOps methodology within your IBM i environment or across your enterprise requires automation.  Our implementation specialists have dozens of years of experience helping customers automate their new business processes and providing best practice advice along the way. Incorporating interfaces to ServiceNow and Jira are examples of how centralized change management provides an enterprise DevOps solution.

Configure a CI/CD Pipeline

The most popular requirement these days is associated with enterprise pipelines.  Our tools’ flexible design allows us to work with our customers to configure the Midrange Dynamics solutions to orchestrate or participate in the enterprise pipeline. The key to success is bringing all of the IT teams to the table to review their options. We believe in evolution not revolution. Our clients want to know that they can evolve their strategies in a way that doesn’t hamper productivity.

Implement Agile IBM i Development

Agile is a daunting concept in many IBM i shops, yet it is a corporate directive.  Customers come to us to help them find the middle ground.  Taking a hybrid approach to project management can be the key to success. 

We work with our customers to provide multiple paths to code management, branching, and project work, the essential components of an agile process.  The Midrange Dynamics solutions can be configured to manage both approaches simultaneously.  More importantly we help our clients understand the types of test environments they will need and how our tools will keep those environments in sync. 

Increase Productivity

MDChange replaces legacy change management products efficiently and effectively. This type of implementation is one of the most satisfying for the customer and the implementation specialist. Customers can keep their historical information along with their archived source while moving to a toolset that is designed with the future in mind. 

Customers are so excited by our SQL support, control file management, and easy interfaces along with notifications.  All of our specialists have experience with the older tools and translate product functionality and terminology during customer training. This helps teams get up to speed quickly.

Make Audit Compliance Sustainable

Trackability is cornerstone of managing change effectively in any environment.  Many small shops and previously private businesses are now faced with satisfying a staggering number of requests from auditors. We work with our customers to understand all of the automated tracking mechanisms within MDChange from the request or object perspective.  The customer designs their own audit reports and can even set up automated reporting and distribution via email. A task that took weeks in the past can now take just a few minutes to a couple of hours.