IBM i Workflow and CI/CD

Ensure Seamless Collaboration Throughout Your Organization

Automated Workflow Helps IBM i Developers Do What They Do Best

MDWorkflow, a project management workflow tool from Midrange Dynamics, enables you to centrally manage projects, tasks, object deployment, and structured workflow across IBM i and other platforms in your enterprise. With process automation and enforced workflow in place, your teams benefit from increased efficiency and seamless collaboration. Automating approvals from the appropriate parties at various stages and quality gates ensures a documented and well-communicated software development process, a big assist with meeting audit compliance requirements. Your developers can focus on what they do best and enjoy the most: enhancing applications.

Design Your Optimal Workflow

Whether you are using agile, waterfall, or hybrid development methodologies, you can automate your optimal IBM i project management workflow. What’s more, MDWorkflow makes it possible for IBM i teams to fully participate in enterprise CI/CD pipelines. You can access the power of MDWorkflow with your choice of user interface including the MDWorkflow web application and your preferred project and incident management tools.

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