Cross-Referencing for IBM i

Cross-Reference Entire Applications

The powerful, time-saving IBM i application cross-referencing capabilities of MDXREF tracks and reports on inter-relationships of all files and objects in application libraries down to the field level. MDXREF, which is included in MDChange, makes it easy for you to track and analyze the intricate web of connections between files and objects within your application libraries.

Not Limited by Language or Database

Our exceptional cross-reference system extends its support to SQL object use in any programming language, including Java, PHP, C# (.NET), and Python. The code for these languages can reside either in the Integrated File System (IFS) or a Git repository on any server. 

Is your language not mentioned here?  No problem! Our templates allow you to set up any language for scan and inclusion into MDXREF. 

Updates Automatically

MDXREF is kept current automatically with dynamic updates driven by MDChange, on demand or via a scheduled job. Using its built-in REST APIs, MDXREF can be updated from a Git repository anytime a commit is issued.

Easy-to-Read Reporting

Comparison reports enable you to compare libraries within the same partition or across all partitions.  When you need to quickly address application issues or validate tests, MDXREF’s journal receiver reports simplify the process. You can choose to generate printed reports or view relationships electronically. All reports in MDXREF can be converted into a DB file, CSV, Excel, PDF, or a TXT file and emailed or stored in the IFS.

Discover the Power of MDXREF

·      Gain insights into the intricate relationships
between files and objects, down to individual fields.

·      Explore impact analysis and process flow details with ease and precision.

·      Through built-in REST APIs identify files and programs originating from external applications, including those that use Git as a source repository or reside in the IFS.

·      Harness powerful cross-referencing for SQL entities. SQL object types include functions, procedures, views, constraints, UDTs, temporal tables, and more.  

Fast Installation

Hit the ground running! MDXREF takes less than an hour to install and configure.  Within a couple of hours, all of the libraries have been cross referenced, and you are ready to utilize the power of MDXREF.  This includes a user-friendly set of interactive programs to provide any type of application cross-referencing you need on IBM i.

MDChange – the Ying to MDXREF’s Yang

While MDXREF can be purchased as a stand-alone product, it comes at no extra cost when you purchase MDChange. For MDChange users, application changes are seamlessly captured in the MDXREF database, allowing you to request all related objects for a single modification.

These tools work together to give you a clear picture of your application library and program call stacks. They facilitate dependency re-builds, alert you to potential pitfalls, and automate object linking for large and small development initiatives alike.

Harness the full power of your IBM i today with MDChange and MDXREF.
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