Managing Change for IBM i

Change Management for IBM i & Beyond

Midrange Dynamics change management software for IBM i is a great fit for development shops that want to gain the benefits of clean, automated, and fully audited software deployments. MDChange the go-to solution for organizations that are ready to migrate their development efforts to a modern change management software solution or handle additional workloads by bringing other platforms under change management. Of course, with MDChange, you will meet your company’s regulatory compliance requirements, saving a great deal of time and effort in the process.

MDChange provides everything you need to modify, install, and distribute software changes across multiple IBM i and non-IBM i systems. With its MDOpen plug-in, every MDCMS feature that is available for native IBM i deployment is also available for multi-platform environments.

MDChange offers you a choice of IDE, including VS Code. You also may select where you store your source code changes, e.g., a library or a folder in the IFS or in a Git repository.

We Support the Way You Want to Work

MDChange is inherently flexible in its design – our customers do not need to learn a proprietary language to configure it to fit their environment. This flexibility, and the REST APIs included with MDChange, also enable us to work well with other leading solutions on the market, including tools that support various types of modernization projects.

With MDChange, businesses large and small get the same great functionality and a strong foundation for future development directions. Our expert consultants will help you configure the MD solutions to support your current needs and goals, whether you want to integrate with leading third-party tools in a CI/CD pipeline, or do branch and trunk development, for example. Your development team will quickly gain the advantages MDChange offers you today, as we ‒ and the MD solutions – assist as needed throughout your modernization journey.

Designed with Integration in Mind

MDChange is an integrated solution with tools that work for native and open systems development on the same screen. Our field-level cross-reference tool, MDXREF, is also a plus. In addition, no other change management solutions offer the depth of functionality related to SQL included in MDChange. 

You will also enjoy lower total cost of ownership with MDChange.  Quicker implementations and easy upgrades to new versions mean that you get started quickly and can take advantage of all the new features we add though our own agile development process.

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