Powerful, Automated Unit Testing

Ensure Software Quality with MDTest

MDTest offers powerful, automated unit testing in RDi or VS Code. Exceptional integration means that you can drive more than thirty unit test functions from within the MDChange tool suite from Midrange Dynamics.

MDTest supports the concept of shift left testing. Your automated unit testing process is executed repeatedly and frequently to identify and resolve defects throughout the software development lifecycle. 

With MDTest, your team members engage in testing activities in early stages, when bugs are less expensive and easier to fix. MDTest, as part of a shift left testing strategy, ultimately reduces effort, costs, and bandwidth needed to fix bugs at later stages of the application development process.

A key component of a CI/CD pipeline, MDTest ensures that code is continuously integrated and tested, leading to more frequent releases, faster time-to-market, and cost savings. 


  • Ensure software quality
  • Enforce policy-driven controls
  • Integrate with DevOps
  • Available in RDi or VS Code

MDTest, the Next Evolution in the MDChange Toolbox

MDTest presents a large set of testing related functions that are easily embedded in testing programs written by your development team members (every ILE language is supported). Invoke any command or SQL statement. MDTest functions are embedded in your custom test programs; application code remains unchanged.

Developers and testing teams quickly benefit from MDTest’s powerful automation, integrated quality gates, code coverage, and customizable multi-tier test reporting.

Powerful Automation

  • Trigger tests by object, MD definition, RFP, and manually
  • Associate with modify, recompile, and delete operations
  • Invoke by command or SQL statement
  • Control quality gates with pass/fail results
  • Reusable templates

Code Coverage, Feedback, and Performance Measurement

Reporting and code coverage details provided through MDTest enable you to focus on the code that needs attention. Set up custom reporting categories, and drill down to individual unit test results. Receive immediate feedback; tag, isolate, and extract relevant job log data.

For regression testing, MDTest ensures that all areas are covered, and results are as expected. Automated features facilitate full code coverage and accurate test results.