DevOps In The Real World

Webcast #1  –  Begin Your Real-Life DevOps Journey

This session with Donna Westmoreland dives into the fundamentals of DevOps. She discusses the first steps for implementation, the best mindsets for success, and offers tips on where to start and how to make regular progress.

Learn from Donna how to set realistic goals to deliver on time and within budget.

Webcast #2  –  Along the DevOps Road – Stories of Evolution

Donna Westmoreland is joined by Brij Anand, Marci Bertsch, and Sapan Shah to discuss experiences, hurdles, and advantages experienced while implementing DevOps methodology and CI/CD pipelines in their organizations. 

Webcast #3  –  Scaling DevOps Practices for IBM i

Bonus! Ted Holt presentation on Code Flexibility with SQL Views & Logical Files

Donna Westmoreland is joined in this session by Karl Haggart, a fellow change management and DevOps expert. Karl is working as a software architect at One Main Financial where they are evolving their IT practices towards DevOps methodologies across the whole enterprise. 

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