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You Should Use Environment Variables

Deep thought: Computers and AI will never be able to replace human programmers until they learn to laugh at the boss’s bad jokes. You Should Use Environment Variables I’ve noticed

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Database Reorgs With Minimal Downtime

Database Reorgs with Minimal Downtime for SAP on IBM i Clients A subscription edition of MDRapid, Midrange Dynamics database management, is available to all IBM i businesses that have large

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New to 8.5

Ever needed to retrieve source to modify a table, index, or SQL Proc? Now you can have MDChange do the work for you.  Need to convert a PF to an SQL

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CL Programming Language Built-In Functions

Are you taking advantage of the built-in functions offered in the CL programming language? I was helping a colleague write a CL program recently, and I discovered that he didn’t know about all of the amazing functions IBM has added to CL over the past few years!

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