8.6 Enhancements you will love! Service Program Dependencies

8.6 Enhancements you will love!

Service Program Dependencies

Customers with service programs may decide to upgrade for this feature alone. In Version 8.6, MDXREF is even smarter, thanks to a new dependency enhancement. The pre-submit warning for missing dependencies now ignores modules, programs, and services. Programs will only be listed if the signatures are different.

To utilize this new enhancement, you need to upgrade to Version 8.6 and rebuild MDXREF on each partition.

Distribution of Programs with Adopt Authority

Dealing with programs with adopt authorities is challenging. MDCMS has always been able to handle them using special attributes and command overrides.  This just got easier with one of the 8.6 enhancements

When a program object to be sent to a remote partition has USRPRF(OWNER) for adopted authority, the parameter will now be temporarily changed to USER before sending. It then automatically reverts to *OWNER when received on the target partition.

If you are using branching and performing a local send to another branch on the same partition where the restore of *OWNER objects is not allowed, then the automatic change/restore will also occur.

Plan your upgrade to Version 8.6 today! If you have not done so yet, look at all the new features in 8.6. In the customer portal you can download the latest MDChange build and request new 8.6 license codes from one convenient location. https://servicedesk.mdcms.ch/

Donna Westmoreland, Midrange Dynamics

Donna Westmoreland
Owner & Chief Technology Officer
Midrange Dynamics North America

Donna has over 25 years’ of experience with IBM midrange systems and supporting consistent software change methodologies. Experience gained from leading major projects, including application modernization, at hundreds of corporations has given her a well-rounded view of development needs, audit requirements, and testing principles.

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