Even More Troubleshooting Help in MDChange Version 8.6

Once again, the developers at MD have made life a little easier. “Pre-submit” warning logs are now captured in the RFP (request for promotion) deployment log to assist with troubleshooting.

When submitting an RFP, you will continue to receive a pop-up window that shows you warning messages. The difference is any subsequent decisions are now recorded in the RFP deployment log.  Ignored warnings are logged, along with the date, time, and user. If warnings are related to merging objects with existing RFPs at the next level or in the send list, the merge decision is also logged.

Your RFP deployment log is always the first step in troubleshooting. It provides detailed RFP information and includes job log entries for every step in the process.

Keep in mind there is always the option to generate the deployment log with the job log entries and email them to yourself as an Excel spreadsheet. This is a great way to delve into the RFP info. It can also be retrieved back to the development system for any sent RFPs. Both are an amazing help during troubleshooting.

The log table is MDCMS.MDDRFPW. It is available from the “MD Logs” in MDOpen or “Logging” in the MDCMS setup menu.

MDChange Version 8.6 is ready for download in the Customer Portal, so you can check out the new functionality and upgrade today!

Donna Westmoreland, Midrange Dynamics

Donna Westmoreland
Owner & Chief Technology Officer
Midrange Dynamics North America

Donna has over 25 years’ of experience with IBM midrange systems and supporting consistent software change methodologies. Experience gained from leading major projects, including application modernization, at hundreds of corporations has given her a well-rounded view of development needs, audit requirements, and testing principles.

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