The Latest VS Code Goodies

Shout out to Scott, Liam, Tim and the IBM i team!

Midrange Dynamics R&D is having a lot of fun incorporating more and more functionality of the “Code for IBMi” and the “Db2 for i” VS  Code extensions into MDOpen.   Many exciting features have been in place since the MDOpen extension to VS Code was made available in May.   However, new things are added all the time.   Watch for updates to the MDOpen extension to get the latest! 

Michael Morgan, lead architect for the MD product line, was recently asked about the Db2 for IBM i extension:  “I can state unequivocally that it is proving very useful and is now embedded in many different places within our MDOpen extension, essentially anywhere we need to expose raw table or view data to users, often with prepared WHERE and ORDER BY clauses.”

The MDRapid console now incorporates this functionality.   Users often want to verify mapping of their existing data into the new version of their tables to be deployed before the target database is updated. This can now be done seamlessly within MDRapid.  

Thanks, guys, for all the work you’re doing to make VS Code the optimal environment for IBM i developers.

Donna Westmoreland, Midrange Dynamics

Donna Westmoreland
Owner & Chief Technology Officer
Midrange Dynamics North America

Donna has over 25 years’ of experience with IBM midrange systems and supporting consistent software change methodologies. Experience gained from leading major projects, including application modernization, at hundreds of corporations has given her a well-rounded view of development needs, audit requirements, and testing principles.

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